Written by Bernard and illustrated by brilliant newcomer Anne Wilson, this is a heart-warming picture book about a group of neighbours who overcome opposition to work together to create gardens on an old factory site.

ISBN 0-7475-4149-3
(hardback) Bloomsbury - £9-99
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I'm Trying to Tell You
Another new Catnip re-issue.

The children at Saffin Street School tell their own adventures - featuring Monday Morning, Sir's New Car, Dear Bren and the much reprinted Lenny's Red Letter Day.

ISBN 1-903285-99-2

A Catnip paperback - £3.99


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Rapid, a Graffix picture story for A&C Black, illustrated by Kim Harley...
The song wouldn't go away: no way could Jonny lose it. From the moment Belle had banged out the notes and Charlee had pinned on the words, the song had stuck - 'Don't get me wrong'.
Jonny Malone is one hopeless case. It's not the words of the song he can't get out of his head, but one of the singers, Win Zotwana. He's grown up with Win, and suddenly, in the space of a music lesson,
he's fallen in love with her...

Roller Madonnas
Friday! The end of the school week - when Saturday meant Pelham Park and two miles of baby smooth tarmac for roller blading. And the pair of them would be there, gliding and sliding: Maria and Mary, the two Madonnas on blades. A 'Graffix' picture story superbly illustrated by Kim Harley.

Who Loves you Billy?
Billy is fed up with school dinners. He's a Junior who wants to be a packed-lunch boy. But not because of food. Billy wants packed lunches so that he can get a little 'lovely' notes from his mum in his lunchbox, like the ones Declan has every day. But how can he persuade Mum to show she cares?

Bad Blood
Ritchie discovers what falling in love is like, and the various meanings of 'bad blood' hit him like body blows. What is the significance of the three-sailed windmill? And what about that button on the telephone? Walker paperback

Break in the Sun
Patsy Bligh wets the bed and gets smacked for it. She is desperate enough to run away, to get back to her old life. But Eddie Green chases her all the way...

Terry on the Fence
Terry Harmer slams out of the house but soon falls foul of Les and his gang - forced to navigate a raid on his own school for the 'goodies'. Getting untangled from the crime isn't as easy as Terry thinks.

Simon's dad is a signwriter; Rose's uncle is a fairground man. Life leads Simon and Rose to take drastic action to get things back the way they want them to be...

High Pavement Blues
Kevin's first love affair is wrapped up with a search for a missing musician, his pro trumpeter father, away on tour.

Janey's step-father is a petty crook, who bullies her into helping him. But Janey is a fighter, and when she meets up with old Nora things take a decisive turn.

Running Scared
A thriller. Narinder's parents are from India, her best friend Paula is a cabbie's daughter - both of them crossing paths with Charlie Elkin, the East End crook everyone fears. Runner up for the Carnegie Medal

Seeing Off Uncle Jack
Three Winny Stone stories - featured on BBC 'Jackanory'

Dockside School Stories and More Dockside School Stories
Featuring the characters who go to Dockside School in Boat Girl, Getting In, The Ghost of Dockside School and The Caretaker's Cat.

The 'City Limits' Books. Stitch-Up, The Scam, Framed, Mean Street. Drop in, hang out, meet the friends of the City Limits Café in a series of funny,
serious, moving adventures...

The Clipper Street Books. Calling for Sam, Taller Than Before, Down and Out, The Royal Visit, Sally Cinderella, All I Ever Ask, The people of Clipper Street, down near Greenwich's 'Cutty Sark', all have stories to tell - from the dreadful Slade Bendix to the abused Sally Lane. A moving, very human series for the middle years of childhood. Orchard paperbacks

A Bit of Give and Take
'A kitten? You don't reckon you're keeping that, do you?' said Scott's mum. 'I am! I saved it from death,' Scott shouted. 'He'll die without me!'

Flash Max's mum doesn't want a dog. Max and his dad are determined to keep Flash, the greyhound, because he's going to be a champion racer. But will their secret come out before Flash is ready for the big race?

King Rat
Crash went the drums! Flash went the lights! Puff came the green volcano! And up shot King Rat with that horrible voice...